Turn Walk-Ins Into Repeat Business.

Replace your old paper punch cards with a digital loyalty punch card experience and drive even better customer loyalty.

Card-Linked Loyalty

Everything you need for a high engagement loyalty program is installed right on the payment terminal. Customers can sign up in seconds with just their mobile number, and they can earn right away by making a payment with their linked bank card.

Branded Web App

Customers can view their progress, update their preferences, or click through to your configured marketing content by following an SMS link on their phone, no app install is needed. And just like the terminal, it can be configured with your branding.

Automated Email Reports

Daily and weekly email summaries of your reward program keep you in the loop about how many people are signing up, and what they’re spending over and above non-registered customers. You can click through to the portal to view the full dataset.

With Targeted SMS

Kicker automatically categorises your customers based on their spending behavior. Easily identify customers at risk of churn or newly-registered and take proactive action such as sending a bonus reward or a targeted SMS message.

Self-Service Configuration

The Kicker portal gives you real-time data about your reward program, including transactional metrics such as registered customer spend per card, and reward metrics like total unredeemed rewards. You can also update your reward configuration whenever needed.

On Supported Terminals Only

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn rewards with Kicker?

Just pay at a participating store with any bank card linked to your Kicker

Is my card data safe?

Yes, absolutely. We never receive, process, or store your card information.
Instead, we use a cryptographic technique to ‘fingerprint’ and identify the card
when it gets used.

Does my reward expire?

Yes, once a reward is issued, it will expire after a certain date if not redeemed.
The expiry date is shown in the SMS that we send to you when the reward is

Does progress towards a reward ever expire?

No, progress towards a reward does not expire.

How do I link a bank card to my Kicker profile?

You can link additional bank cards at a participating store by selecting
‘SIGNUP OR REDEEM’ and following the prompts on the payment terminal

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