Link/2500 Mini POS



Lightweight and robust take the Mini POS wherever for card-based transactions and NFC wallet payments.

The Link/2500 is Ingencio’s entry level pocket-sized mobile device, offered for small/medium merchants. Pair it with an IOS/Windows tablet or a smartphone, to bring all payment acceptance to any mobile point of sales


Payment type
Swipe / Insert NFC / Contactless / Apple Pay /Samsung Pay /

Wifi / 3G / Bluetooth / Dual SIM / Fallback GPRS

2.4” Colour display touchscreen (240 x 320)


User-friendly and intuitive

Featuring a cutting edge design, the Link/2500 Integration is user-oriented with its bright  2.4” colour display and a mechanical keypad

Designed for Mobility

Featuring a pocket-sized, lightweight, and slim design the Link /2500 is built for the most demanding use.

Highest Security

The Link /2500 is PCI-PTs 5. x certified. Its Telium Tetra uses the latest cyrptographic schemes with future-proof  key length

All payment options

In addition to EMV Chip & PIN and swipe. LINK /2500 supports the broadest range of contactless standards  allowing NFC couponing and wallet use cases

Specifications at a glance

  •  All Payment Type Acceptance
  • Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity to any IOS, Android, and Windows device
  •  2.4” Colour touchscreen display

Want to talk through your options?

If you are a merchant and would like to arrange a Skyzer solution for your business, please contact our Corporate Sales Manager Steve Nemeth today on 09 259 0326 or send in your enquiry by clicking the button below.


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