Chinese Payments Services

Are you missing out on half a million customers?

More than 90% of the nearly 450,000 Chinese who visit New Zealand every year have said they will be more inclined to spend money with vendors who offer them the opportunity to make mobile payments.

Being able to use their familiar, trusted mobile payment platforms is one of the four biggest issues highlighted by Chinese visitors to New Zealand.

Chinese are the second biggest visitor group to New Zealand. About 449,000 Chinese visited New Zealand in the year to June 2018, up 13% from the year before. Visits from China grew faster than any of the major visitor sources. Visitor numbers from China are forecasted to grow at 12% per year, reaching more than 900,000 by 2023.

Almost half of these people are free independent travellers, and that percentage keeps increasing year on year. Chinese tourists spend more than $1.6 billion a year in New Zealand, a figure that grew by 15% in the year to June 2018.

In addition to the tourists, New Zealand is also home for an increasing number of Chinese migrants. In the year to January 2018, New Zealand had a net increase of 9300 Chinese migrants. Many of these newcomers, as well as a large number of the almost 200,000 other people of Chinese descent living in New Zealand, are set up to use Alibaba or WeChat Pay. This gives local merchants even more opportunities to attract customers by offering them the opportunity to use these Chinese mobile payments on a new Ingenico Telium Tetra payment terminal.