What terminal is right for my business?

Whether you’re a stall-holder at a local market, run a busy Café or a Tradie that’s on-the-move, payment terminals aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

So which terminal is right for your business?

Well… that depends on a few different variables – your business type, your customer and your budget.

The new Telium Tetra range from Ingenico offers seamless integration between business and payment which means that you can get on with business.

For the New Zealand Market, we’ve identified 3 models which meet specific industries:

1. Move 5000 (Trades/Hospitality/Tourism/Retail Industries)

2. 2500 hybrid (Taxis & Transport Industries)

3. Desk 5000 (Tourism/Hospitality/Retail Industries)

The Move series is a game changer, cost-effective, ergonomic, lightweight and packed with connectivity possibilities, the premium model also opens the portable payment terminal to a new world of business apps.

The Desk series meets the most demanding use cases while offering a seamless payment experience, with peace of mind with the latest security features. The premium model turns the point of sale into a point of service capable of running interactive business apps on its large touchscreen. Pair this series with our new iPP Pin pad designed for easy handling and daily use with large, well-backlit buttons and vivid display.

Get in touch today to find the right terminal that fits your industry and your business requirements.