Keeping Your Terminal Secure

Terminal security is extremely important to every merchant. There are a variety of ways to ensure that you can protect your EFTPOS terminals and stay protected from fraudulent behaviour.

The first step is to create a list of the EFTPOS terminals on your premises and include the following details for each terminal:

  • The make, model and serial number
  • Where each EFTPOS terminal is kept
  • Any stickers on the EFTPOS terminal and where they are placed
  • The type of cables connected to the EFTPOS terminal

There are also activities you can carry out daily that will help prevent you being a victim of fraud. On a daily basis check the serial number underneath the EFTPOS terminal against the serial number you have recorded on your list and/or that is displayed electronically on the EFTPOS terminal (if applicable). These serial numbers must match. Also, check that the merchant name on the receipts being issued by the terminal is correct.

Other ways to protect your terminal include:

  • Locking it in its position with a cable lock or something similar.
  • Regularly conducting an inventory check on your EFTPOS terminals. Report missing or stolen terminals to your terminal provider immediately.
  • Always verify the credentials of service staff or ‘official’ visitors to your premises. Do not allow unannounced and unidentified service visits or inspections.
  • If an EFTPOS terminal is being connected (e.g. a new terminal) make sure only authorised personnel from your terminal provider do this.
  • Dispose of old EFTPOS terminals securely – please return old terminals to your acquirer or your terminal provider.