How to know if Its Time for an EFTPOS Upgrade

Upgrades for your EFTPOS machine can either come in the form of updated software, or an entirely new terminal that needs to be installed. Whenever the time for either one of them comes around, it’s crucial to get to it as soon as possible, because each update features critical safety features that help keep your transactions secure.

How do you know if it’s time for an EFTPOS upgrade though? Read on to get the answer, and to find out why keeping your EFTPOS updated is so important.

How Your Notification Comes In

Despite the cleverness and technological advancement of the entire industry, most EFTPOS providers still use a good old-fashioned letter to notify business owners when it’s time to update their software or terminal.

Each business will receive a letter from their main provider—whether this be a bank, terminal company or both—to the address they listed when they acquired the EFTPOS machine. It is therefore extremely important to make sure your business’ address is always up to date, otherwise you will miss out on important updates.

Luckily, this is not the only method providers use; a lot of the time your software will update on your terminal automatically and confirmation will come through on your terminal receipt, so don’t just throw them away straight away, read them each day to keep up!

Why Are EFTPOS Machine Updates Important?

There are quite a few benefits to upgrading, some more obvious than others.  The biggest one is that staying software compliant heavily reduces the risks of being targeted by fraud. It also ensures that you meet the compulsory security standards that govern all payments in New Zealand.

New software is a lot like a vaccination against the flu. It changes every year because doctors are trying to stay ahead of an evolving flu virus, just like EFTPOS developers are trying to stay ahead of the changing methods hackers use to divert payments. So, get vaccinated, and update your terminal when notified!

There’s also the promise of increased functionality.  New software can offer advanced options for businesses trying to keep track of their finances, and can elevate the customer experience with more payment options, quicker transactions, and better user experience. The same applies on the other side of the counter, making it easy for customer service representatives to get the most out of a machine, and focus on delivering an excellent experience.

Compulsory hardware updates are good because they get rid of old, outdated technology, and introduce new terminals that will keep businesses going for longer. They can also introduce new functionality like touch screens, faster processors and value added applications, which can be a huge help to business!

Stay on top of your software updates with Skyzer

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