The important of selecting the right payment terminal and re-seller for your needs

If you can’t accept payments, you may as well shut up shop.

As a merchant, you want your payment terminal to make things easy for you and your customers. It should be easy to operate and integrate well with your other business systems. But more than anything, it should WORK!

This may not be top of mind when you select your payment terminal supplier, in the same way as insurance isn’t top of mind until things go wrong. But it should be…

The terminal supplier you choose should be able to supply you with a terminal that’s best for your business, as well as allied offers such as EFTPOS integration to point of sale, POS software options, banking, merchant facilities, consumables and short-term rentals and also have support in place to ensure that you have continued use of those functions.

This support, more than anything, is the value your payment terminal provider adds to your business.

Imagine your bar is pumping, with a big game on TV, and just before kick-off, beer spills over your payment terminal… How will your provider respond? Phone support should be available immediately, and if needed, you should be able to get a replacement terminal with minimum delay.

These crisis situations are why you shouldn’t just go on price but should make sure you get a payment terminal supplier who offers great ongoing support.

Ideally, this support should be locally based, so they are better placed to respond to your most urgent requirements.

And the smart way to find out which suppliers are best for you, is to first speak to their past customers or look at their reviews.